Nurtures and develops young students as caring, active participants in a lifelong journey of learning.

Curriculum is trans disciplinary, and concentrates on inquiry based learning and developing of all the necessary 10 developmental skill areas of fine, gross, psycho ,cognitive, linguistic , numerical, communicative, environmental, social and sensorial.

Age appropriate  experiential learning to develop transversal competencies


Caters to the needs of the formative years

Engaging, relevant, challenging curriculum that is significant for learners.

Trans-disciplinary curriculum in line with CBSE

Age-appropriate subjects and learning out comes



Trans-disciplinary curriculum as per CBSE guide lines.

It  focuses on age appropriate subjects, and learning out comes.

The Assessments will become formal at this segment and are followed CBSE pattern of assessment

Sr. Secondary

Curriculum and assessment as per CBSE guidelines

Designed to prepare the child for +2 CBSE board examination