Vision – Mission

To be a frontal leader and a school of choice

  • UPS will be a frontal leader in school education that straddles the best of global education principles and core Indian values.
  • UPS will nurture and develop children by imbibing in them human values and 21st century competencies through multidisciplinary learning methods that will make learning a joyful, deep-rooted and wholesome personal experience for every child.



UPS will be a school of choice for all discerning parents.  Towards this, UPS offers:

    • Top-of-the-class holistic education that nurtures children for their all-round growth beyond just academic excellence.
    • Matching scholastic and non-scholastic environment that would aid the children to learn through personal inquiry, experimentation and experience
    • Teaching-learning systems and methods that not just enable but accelerate the process of learning
    • An enviable teacher-student ratio that ensures personal attention to every child in their pursuit of learning
    • High-class physical infrastructure that supplements and complements the intellectual environs in the School