Chairman's Message
We are delighted that you are considering Universal Public School, Pune for your children's future. We are pleased to have you as a part of our school family.
We stand to resonate the spirit of Universal Public School :
Dream it: Believe it: Build it.
We strongly believe that each child is unique and that in a classroom of 30 children, there are always 30 different learning styles, 30 different personalities and 30 different ways of assimilating information.
A happy child is truly a successful individual. At UPS children enjoy every part of their schooling and emerge as happy, holistic citizens. We let happiness flourish in and out of the campus. I wish and pray that everyday be a special day for every child who enters this school. We have a system which makes the school and students to gain a global reputation. In the next five years, therefore, the focus will to be on academic excellence.
As our potential parent partners, we look forward to your support on this.

Universal Public School, Pune