About UPS

Welcome to Universal Public School

We are Reaching Excellence in Academics and Changing History!
Universal Public School is a community of learners including students, parents and staff who are dedicated to creating an academically rigorous, culturally caring and inclusive learning environment.
UPS Achievers are goal-oriented, critical thinkers and community leaders who are dedicated to achieving the highest level of integrity and academic success.
At UPS Through discovery, exploration, innovation, and creative expression through Arts integration and after school enrichment opportunities, students receive rich, extended learning opportunities while building a positive school culture where every member feels valued and respected.
WHY ??

Universal Public School

  • “Every child is unique” We shall tap the potential in each child, Scholastic & Co Scholastic, to bring out the ‘hero’ in the child. Each child will be motivated & inspired to dream big & carve a niche for himself/herself.
  • Each child’s identity shall be so honed to change their Signatures into `Autographs’.
  • Universal Public School is backed by experienced Education & Resource Advisory Board Members who shall ensure Quality - by academic Audits & Continuous Teacher training Programmes & Regular Monitoring & Support.
  • Curriculum Delivery will be different/pre-planned/regularly monitored.
  • Activity based, joyful, stress/ free learning.
  • Focus on development of motor skills.
  • Learning by doing — eg -Block Printing, Khadi weaving, handmade paper, clay modeling, Best of waste etc .
  • Yoga & Skating - Focus.
  • Sports — an integral part - shall be given due impetus.
  • House System
  • Emphasis on Learning from the Environment — Green environment/ Field Trips.
  • Blend of Indian values & World Culture.
  • Focus on Childs sense of inquisitiveness , exploration, urge for experimentation observation & synthesis.
  • “1 Main teacher” and 1 helping teacher for every section till Grade 3.


UPS will be a frontal leader in school education that straddles the best of global education principles and core Indian values. UPS will nurture and develop children by imbibing in them human values and 21st century competencies through multidisciplinary learning methods that will make learning a joyful, deep-rooted and wholesome personal experience for every child.


UPS will be a school of choice for all discerning parents that offers Top-of-the-class holistic education nurturing children for their all-round growth beyond academic excellence through matching scholastic and non-scholastic environment, teaching-learning systems and methods that not just enable but accelerate the process of learning with an enviable teacher-student ratio ensuring personal attention to every child in their pursuit of learning.